Fire sprinkler system
Standard fire sprinkler
  • Standard coverage sprinklers;
  • Standart, Special or Fast response;
  • Pendent, upright or side wall;
  • Brass, chrome , white or other coated
  • Temperature: from 57°C to 182°C.
Special sprinklers
  • Concealed sprinklers;
  • Flat spray sprinklers;
  • Extended coverage sprinklers;
  • Special lock sprinklers;
Storage sprinklers
  • Early Suppression Fast Response ESFR-1, ESFR-17, ESFR-25 Storage sprinklers ELO 231
  • Intermediate level sprinklers;
  • Dry sprinklers;
Fire nozzles
  • Water curtain nozzles;
  • Medium and high velocity nozzles;
  • Window nozzles;
  • Other special purpose nozzles;
Multiple Jet controls
  • Single or double outlet;
  • Diamensions from DN20 to DN50.
  • Response temperature from 68°C to 260°C.