Fire pump stations
Pump station installation

We are installing the pump stations for automatic fire extinguishing systems, fire hydrants and fire hydrants systems. Pump with electric or diesel engine in accordance standards EN, VDS or FM. Pump equipped with strapping, valves and control cabinets. We carry out commissioning and testing of pumps, prepare a project.

Alarm valve installation

Installation of signal valve manifold with sprinkler system. Binds "wet" and "dry" type valves. Also equip flooding valves with nozzle systems.

Pump station container

Installation of pump stations equip in vehicles or modular container. Container type pump manufactured by individual project and arrives for customer already fully prepared for work, only to be connected to the water tank and the existing system. Such pumps do not need separate rooms, it's a good way to save time and money.

Before reconstruction
After reconstruction
After reconstruction
After reconstruction
Reconstruction of pump stations

We carry out reconstruction of existing pump stations. Replacement of old equipment with new piping and fittings perform the change, we also carry a new automatic connection. We also connect a new pump station to the existing system.