Fire water tanks
Fire water tanks

Installation and maintenance of ground steel tanks Mostostalex with EPDM membrane.

Steel tanks are reliable continuous of water source for fire protection water storage needs. Easy to assemble the tank design provides resistance to wind and snow loads, and galvanized surfaces reliably protects against corrosion. Inner tank insulation reduces heat loss and protects against freezing. EPDM membrane lined inside of the tank ensures absolute pyrolysis and reservoir construction in contact with water, while at the same corrosion from the inside.

Steel tanks are characterized by high performance, they do not require special maintenance, and repair if necessary can be done quickly and inexpensively.

To install the tank needed simple earthworks and foundation, a project that we proposed, depending on the soil properties. We perform a full installation of the tank from the foundation to the filling of water.


Depending on the design complies with EN12845 tanks, VdS CEA-4001 or FM requirements.

Tank volume:

From 100 to 2600 m3, according to the individual projects is higher volume.